Welcome to our Range of Fixed Position Touchscreen Panel PCs


Camtech introduce a new line-up to our range of high-end hardware – Touchscreen All-In-One Panel PCs. These fixed position terminals are designed to offer ease of use and quick access to data. From stock control to critical patient information our range of touchscreen panel pcs are reliable, secure, built to last and bespoke engineered to ensure your application requirements are met.


Our new range of All-In-One Panel PCs offer a variety of options including capacitive 10-point touchscreens, water resistant IP65+ case sealing, a wide operating temperature range and a strong aluminium die casting construction to give you the perfect solution. Built to last in harsh working conditions and built to withstand day to day heavy operation.


With displays ranging from 15”–22”+ to allow us to offer a full range of flexibility in terms of specifications you can be sure we have the right solution for you. Utilising Intel CPU chips and the very latest in wireless technology our range of dedicated fixed position panel pcs are built today, with your future in mind.

K759 Panel PC Touchscreen.jpg

Industrial doesn’t mean unsightly. Slim, durable and bright, these displays truly complement any environment. This display is a bezel free LCD monitor that is elegant and sleek yet rugged and stable enough to operate in any transactional environment. The unit also utilises a projected capacitive touch interface to ensure accuracy and ease-of-use.