Panasonic Toughbook S1


TOUGHBOOK S1 Key Features:

  • 7" Multi-Touch Outdoor Display
  • Android 10.0
  • Drop Tested Mil SPEC Design
  • Upto 14 Hours Battery Life For Full Shift Operation
  • IP67 Rated for Water and Particle Protection
  • Integrated Customiseable Expansion Ports
  • Large Selection of I/O Ports for Connectivity
  • Latest in Wireless/Mobile Communications
  • Outdoor Display for Optimal Viewability






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The New Panasonic Toughbook S1 tablet pc - the ultimate rugged Android tablet for the true mobile worker. This 7" touch screen tablet pc is easy to use in one hand, adaptable for a variety of tasks yet powerful and tough enough to cope with the busiest shift. It’s at its best when in the hands of security and police forces patrolling the streets, technicians monitoring production lines, field services engineers carrying out inspections and maintenance or construction workers on site. Fully Wireless for all mobile applications, utilise 4G on-the-move for direct connection back to the office. Integrated barcode scanner for inventory checks with live stock control updates directly back to the server via the latest WiFi configurations. Never miss emails or web meetings, truly take your office with you wherever you go. 



To ensure the Toughbook S1 rugged tablet can work as long as any shift, it is equipped with a simple click and switch design for warm swapping batteries. The Toughbook S1 takes away the need to interrupt work, power down the device or remove fiddly panels to change batteries. With two options of battery size, the Panasonic S1 can operate for up to 14 hours on a single charge, excellent when uptime is key in-the-field.


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