The Latest step in the evolution of rugged Windows mobile business computing

What is a Business Windows Tablet PC?

The Windows Tablet PC is the next step in the evolution of the mobile computer: A fully functional computer that has more, can do more and gives you the freedom to be far more mobile than with a traditional laptop computer or consumer grade Tablet PC.

The Windows Tablet PC introduces a whole new way of working, with powerful new technology and software. The Tablet PC together with Windows 7 or WIndows 8.1 built in Tablet PC features has the power to completely replace traditional pen and paper with 'Digital Ink', revolutionising working efficiency and flexibility. Connect direclty to you office and use the power of a desktop on the road.

Windows Tablet PC's are designed for mobile professionals: people who need to be productive away from the desk. For example people who are often in and out of meetings, people that work on the road,  or take notes while standing. With new support for using digitizer ink combined with a lightweight form factor, built-in support for wireless networks, and a long battery life, our Windows Tablet PC are ideal if you need to be mobile and efficiently productive while on the move.

Windows Tablet PC functionality and advantages:

  • Durable Rugged and Semi-Rugged Options

  • Primary business PC

  • Integrated devices such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile BroadBand, Barcode Scanners, NFC, RFID

  • Powerful energy efficient processors for faster and longer performance

  • Connections for external monitor & projectors, keyboard and mouse and other input/output devices

  • Runs a superset of Windows 7 or 8.1 Professional, Windows 7 or 8.1 Embedded and the latest MS Office applications

  • Enterprise development, security, and administration tools

  • A great notebook PC

  • Grab and go docking stations

  • Built-in wireless connectivity

  • Longer battery life with hot swap features

  • Stylus pen input via true Wacom Digitizer 

  • A more versatile mobile PC

  • Portrait and landscape displays

  • Lightweight designs - for convenient handling

  • Handwriting Recognition and Text Conversion

  • Digital Ink and note-taking

  • Increased mobility and more natural input allows for new scenarios

  • Dedicated software platforms on the most supported application based PC


Windows 7 & 8.1 Tablet PC Functionality

Microsoft Windows 7 has all the power of standard Windows 7 professional, offering the full functionality and security features of the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems with additional enhancements for pen-based computing, and offers a rich platform for users to integrate pen ink, and speech capabilities into new existing applications. Please refer to our guide on using the Tablet PC Input Panel for more information on how this function can be utilised in your application.


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