4G LTE is the fourth major generation of mobile network technology. Its bandwidth, latency and capacity offer the promise that network connectivity will no longer be a barrier to the benefits of high performance mobile applications. 67% of businesses already using LTE in the United Kingdom report increased productivity – with externally-focused departments, such as Sales and Customer Services, benefiting most.
4G LTE is the fourth major generation of mobile network technology, and substantially improves on previous generations in several respects.
Most significantly, 4G LTE offers:
  •  Higher bandwidth – increasing the speed of data transfer
  •  Lower latency – providing faster response times from the network
  •  Improved spectrum efficiency – which increases overall network capacity
The architecture and efficiency of LTE also make it a more cost-effective network to run. Its Quality of Service (QoS) management capabilities mean that certain applications could begiven particular network performance characteristics, providing a more consistently high-quality user experience.
Typical uses wothin business applications or ‘usecases' give an overview of how businesses can substantially improve performances by adopting a 4G LTE Network:
  •  Large file transfer
  •  Rapid workplace set-up
  •  Rich machine to machine and remote monitoring applications
  •  Videoconferencing, tele-presence and rich media collaboration
  •  Remote access to business applications
What does this mean for our range of business Tablet PC's?
Well the good news here is 4G LTE is already a standard feature on the majority of our product range, either built in as standard or an upgradeable component. Our Tablet's typically run the latest GOBI 5000 Module and this adds 2-3 meter accuracy GPS at no additional charge.
Ideal for any mobile application.
Camtech would recommend the following devices with 4G LTE Capabilities:

Check your local network provider for accurate 4G LTE signal coverage, 2015 will see a significant improvement as mobile companies extend coverage areas at a rapid rate. The following companies are currently offering the best UK network coverage:





(please check your local coverage)


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