Zebra L10 10" Fully Rugged Tablet PC



  • 10" Touchscreen with Digitizer Pen Input
  • Intel Pentium, i5 or i7 vPro
  • Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional
  • NEW Optional Android 8.1 Oreo OS
  • Drop Tested Fully-Rugged Design
  • XBOOK L10, XPAD L10 & XSLATE L10 - Multi-Adaptable
  • IP65 Rated for Water and Particle Protection
  • 1000nit Super Bright Outdoor Display with Gorilla Glass Technology
  • Full range of accessories for all scenarios
  • Latest in Wireless/Mobile Communications



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The new Zebra L10 is the latest feature packed rugged 10” Windows Tablet PC from Zebra Technologies. The Zebra L10’s unique, adaptable design allows for multiple applications as the L10 platform introduces a custom line-up featuring a traditional rugged slate tablet PC (the XSLATE L10) or with a hard handle and built-in barcode scanner option (the XPAD) and a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet complete with a Companion Keyboard and KickStrap (the XBOOK L10). The new Zebra L10 models can be custom-equipped with the precise performance, security, connectivity, and usability features required to accommodate mobile workers’ individual device preferences and address a wide set of application workflows in the field, a vehicle, the shop floor, or in the office.




Each of the three rugged tablet-based form factors in the Zebra L10 mobility platform is available with a wide range of feature combinations to ensure that workers always have the right tools for their individual job requirements, including:


  • Intel processors that span from the highest performance Intel 8th Generation Core-Series i5 or i7 with vPro to price performance offerings based on Intel Pentium that deliver twice the performance when compared to Zebra’s current 10” rugged tablet offering


  • A 4G LTE card that will boost data download speeds by up to 600% and upload speeds by up to 300% over previous generations, greatly improving worker productivity in the field


  • A standard 500 nit or 1000 nit View Anywhere display with Gorilla Glass for optimised indoor and outdoor viewing


  • A generous number of I/O ports to stay connected to legacy and future technology systems, including standard RJ-45, two USB 3.0, USB-C ports along with optional True Serial and HDMI-in



The Zebra L10 has also combined the best-in-class durability, versatility, performance, and connectivity features of previous Zebra rugged tablets such as the Xplore F5/C5 (formally the Motion F5/C5) to elevate the standard mobile computing capabilities for these new Zebra L10 rugged tablet models:


  • 6’ drop-rated, IP65 dustproof and waterproof rated, and C1D2 certified for safety and reliability, even in Hazardous Locations


  • Combination of latest-generation NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, UBLOX GPS, and 4G LTE mobile broadband technologies to ensure uninterrupted connectivity


  • Simultaneous MIMO WWAN, MIMO WLAN, and GPS pass-through antennas to improve in-vehicle throughput


  • Multiple security features, including two Smart Card/CAC reader options, a Kensington Lock, TPM 2.0, removable SSDs, and an integrated fingerprint reader


  • One shared accessory ecosystem, including docks, batteries, and chargers compatible with all XSLATE L10, XPAD L10, and XBOOK L10 configurations, including future generations of each rugged tablet model



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