GETAC F110 EX Rugged ATEX Tablet PC

GETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PC
GETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PCGETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PCGETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PCGETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PCGETAC F110 Rugged Windows Tablet PC

GETAC F110 G4 Key Features:

  • ATEX Rated Zone 2
  • 11.6" Touchscreen with Optional Digitizer
  • Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional
  • Drop Tested Rugged Design
  • IP65 Rated for Water and Particle Protection
  • Slimline Design with Hot-Swap Batteries
  • Full range of accessories for all scenarios
  • Latest in Wireless/Mobile Communications
  • Outdoor Display for Optimal Viewability




Getac F110 EX Rugged Windows Tablet PC


The GETAC F110’s 11.6” Rugged form factor re-defines rugged mobility. Featuring the latest CPU from Intel and all the latest wireless communications the F110 G4, from leading rugged hardware manufacturer GETAC, is able to power through the day, no matter the task.
Designed to be both thin and light the GETAC F110 G4 is the fourth generation of the F110 series and not only supports the latest in processing power (the Intel i7 7600u vPro, Intel i5 7300u ) but also includes multiple features such as dual battery operation, dedicated Intel 620 graphics and a 11.6” outdoor Touch and digitizer screen for crisp display via excellent resolution.
The 11.6” widescreen LCD display is operational with multi-finger touch, even in the rain, gloved touch or via pen digitizer for accuracy. These optional input modes ensure the GETAC F110 G4 will work in the most extreme environments. With its drop tested chassis and IP65 rating the GETAC F110 will manage drops, spills, shocks and any extreme weather condition. 800Nit LumiBond LCD bonding ensures a robust screen with stunning outdoor viewability and bright contrast for reading detailed documents on its crisp display.


Dual batteries enables the F110 a hot-swap feature and with additional batteries the F110 can be made to operate 24/7 without ever shutting down the operating system. With both batterys at full charge the F110’s battery life can be up to 12 hours per operational shift. Fast charging systems and the hot swap feature make sure the F110 is always ready when you need it the most.
Dedicated enhanced GPS with pass-through, 4G LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth give wireless communications for every application. The ability to add advanced WWAN performance with an optional 3D antenna will reduce any signal drops you may be currently experiencing and increase data transfer speed. For vehicle mounting the F110 has off the shelf solutions ready for you to instantly deploy. With the use of the built-in GPS pass-though the F110 can be mounted into your vehicle and simultaneously connected to a high gain GPS antenna whilst both powering the unit, via the vehicle charge, and charging the rugged tablet pc, ensuring its ready to be operational at point of destination. This makes the F110 great for transport, logistics, warehousing, surveying, utilities and emergency services.

Bumper-to-Bumper warranty


Accidents can take your equipment out of service when you least expect it, especially in a rugged environment, which can cause costly equipment downtime. That is why Getac has introduced accidental damage as standard under our new Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, to help minimise your enterprise IT costs. Bumper-to-Bumper is your hassle-free guarantee. That means you can depend on us to have your unit back in service within days. Standard 3 years Bumper-to-Bumper.

Windows 10 or Windows 7
Intel i5 CPU
Touch Screen with Outdoor Display
3-Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
Windows 10 or Windows 7
Intel i7 CPU
Touch Screen with Outdoor Display
Integrated 4G LTE & GPS
Integrated Barcode Scanner
3-Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

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