Crosscall Rugged Smartphones


Crosscall designs and develops a range of mobiles, smartphones and outdoor accessories. Designed for outdoor professionals exposed to hostile or unpredictable environments, all Crosscall products are waterproof, tough and have a long battery life. Be safe in the knowledge that all Crosscall products have been rugged tested so you don’t have to, the Crosscall rugged phone range has been built to survive day in, day out from the ground up.

Since 2009, Crosscall have been designing and developing mobiles and smartphones dedicated to outdoor use. 100% outdoor, waterproof, durable, and with great battery life, Crosscall mobiles are designed to adapt to the extreme and unpredictable environments faced by workers and professionals in the field (water, rain, wind, humidity, dust, shock etc.). They provide a multitude of uses and immediate access to more than 1 million applications devoted to a multitude of working environments.

This is why Camtech have chosen to support the Crosscall range and have selected the Trekker M1, the Trekker X2 and the Odyssey S1 for the UK market. For detailed information on the Crosscall range please select from the options below.


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