MOTION C5m Rugged Tablet PC

Motion C5m Healthcare Tablet PC
Motion C5m Healthcare Tablet PCMotion C5m Healthcare Tablet PCMotion C5m Healthcare Tablet PC

Key Features:

  • 10.4" Touchscreen with Digitizer Pen Input
  • MCA Clean Room Compatible
  • Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional
  • Drop Tested Semi-Rugged Design
  • IP54 Rated for Water and Particle Protection
  • Slimline Design with Hot-Swap Batteries
  • Full range of accessories for all scenarios
  • Latest in Wireless/Mobile Communications



Motion Computing C5m Medical Tablet PC

The industry’s first Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA), the Motion C5m rugged Windows Tablet PC was designed specifically for healthcare environments in partnership with Intel Health and based on input from thousands of clinicians worldwide. The Motion C5m is an ideal NHS replacement for the typical computers on wheels, accessing critical data directly from theatre or patient side. Hot Swap Batteries give the Motion C5m 24/7 operation allowing the mobile tablet to work through even shift changes.

The Motion C5m Rugged Platform

Built for demanding mobile environments that require robust enterprise software compatibility, the Motion C5m Rugged Tablet Platform offers the durability and functionality you need to seamlessly go wherever you care – all while staying connected and secure. An IP54 Rating gives the unit unique cleaning properties, as you travel ward to ward a simple wipe down will disinfect the C5m to help stop contamination.

Designed with Care

The Motion Computing C5m is rated for disinfection protocols used in all healthcare settings. Its rugged design and lightweight combined with a high resolution View Anywhere Display, durable Corning Gorilla Glass, and touch and pen input, makes it ideally suited for modern workflows both indoors and out. With the additional peripheral range, which include carry solutions and secure charging bays, the Motion C5m is truely build to work for you and your team.

Powerfully Connected

The Motion C5m with the new 5th Gen Intel Core processors offers class-leading speed all while lowering energy use and extending battery life. Stay connected and productive with 4G XLTE mobile broadband, advanced u-blox GPS and 802.11ac technology that makes sharing large files and syncing databases fast and easy – the way you’d expect; no exceptions. SSD's as standard and DDR3 RAM ensure mobile computing without compromise.




Intel i3 CPU
Windows 10 or Windows 7
Touch Screen & Digitizer
3-Years Warranty
Intel i7 CPU
Windows 10 or Windows 7
Touch Screen & Digitizer
Integrated cameras
Integrated Barcode Scanner
3-Years Warranty  


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