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The following are ATEX certified Rugged Tablet PCs. Rugged Zone 2 and rugged Zone 1 ATEX solutions are special units are designed for specific environments which require protection against potentially explosive atmospheres. The regulations apply to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, whether electrical or mechanical. Generally speaking these ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 Rated Tablet PC's will have no removable parts where electrical circuits maybe broken i.e. removable battery packs and external drives. 

ATEX certification ensures that the equipment or protective system is fit for its intended purpose and that adequate information is supplied with it to ensure that it can be used safely. Camtech recommend only the below Rugged Zone 1 and Zone 2 ATEX Tablet PCs for an ATEX rated environment such as Oil/Gas platforms where flammable substance are at a very high risk.

New Camtech Systems Tuffline Rugged Tablet PC


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