RuggON LIND Vehicle Charger

RuggON LIND Charger

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RuggON PX-501 Lind Vehicle Charger

The perfect secure solution for in-vehicle Tablet PC charging. The Lind Rugged charger is Camtech Systems choice of mobile power management. Suitable for the RuggON PX-501
The Lind Rugged vehicle charger has a built-in auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating in the event air circulation is blocked. The Lind Vehicle charger comes with a right angle connector DC output plug enabling the power cord to be positioned alongside the Tablet PC. If the connector or cable is bumped, it simply rotates out of the way preventing damage to the Tablet PC or the adapter power jack. The rugged Tablet PC charger has current limiting circuitry to limit the amount of power fed into a faulty load. The Lind Tablet PC car adapter has a short delay to allow it to operate through a momentary fault or current pulse. If the overload persists, the unit will turn the output off, wait 10 seconds and try to restart. If the fault is still present it will repeat this step.


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