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Welcome to Camtech Systems latest Rugged Hardware news. Bringing you all the latest UK product releases from our leading rugged manufacturers such as Panasonic and the Toughbook & Toughpad range, Xplore Technologies, GETAC, Durabook and more. Our Rugged Tablet PC solutions are designed to work in environments where typical consumer products will not survive, with 15+ years of true Tablet PC experience Camtech Systems ahve become one of the best Rugged hardware suppliers on the market today.

Panasonic CF20 

Meet the new Panasonic CF-20 ToughBook


Panasonic have announced a new addition to their line of rugged mobile ToughBooks, the new CF-20 Hybrid. The CF-20 ToughBook is the successor to the flagship CF-19 ToughBook which brings the best of a Tablet PC and a Laptop, all with the rugged protection of the ToughBook family. The Hybrid functionality will enable you to transform the Panasonic CF-20 on-the-move to suit your requirements. The CF-20 can be operated in either a detachable full Tablet PC mode with digitizer Pen and touchscreen capabilities, a traditional hinged clamshell laptop mode for heavy text input and a convertible mode in which the screen flip round to offer up a full performance Tablet PC.



GETAC Launch the new RX10 Rugged Tablet PC


The new GETAC RX10 features a thin and light (only 1.2kg) design dedicated to limit downtime for your entire workforce throughout the day. Drop tested to an impressive 1.8 meters, the GEATC RX10 is a fully rugged complete Windows 7 or Windows 10 Tablet PC which will keep on working, even the most demanding conditions. Built with an ingress protection rating of IP65 the RX10 will withstand the heaviest of downpours and even the most particle/dust heavy environments.

GETAC RX10H Rugged


GETAC launch the RX10H, a fully rugged tablet designed for healthcare.


The new GETAC RX10H is the thinnest (18.8mm thick) and lightest (only 1.2kg) dedicated tablet pc designed for healthcare on the market today and has been specifically designed for clean hospital environments by introducing “Pathogen Resistant” technology; an antimicrobial surface for easy sanitisation. Certified to regulations EN/IEC 60601-1, the GETAC RX10H will assist with instant patient data retrieval, patient monitoring, inventory updates, live notifications, nurse task lists and pinpoint accurate communication. All these key features will ensure patient care is placed on the forefront of daily routines. In the event of any emergency, having live data is key to early response teams and with the GETAC RX10H technical barriers have now been lifted.

Panasonic CF 54 


See Business from All Angles – The ToughBook CF-MX4


No matter which way you view the new ToughBook MX4 it’s the perfect hybrid business tool. A sleek rugged business notebook or a sleek rugged business tablet pc – hybrid convertible rugged ToughBooks have never been so professional looking. The choice can now be made by adapting to the situation and unique application requirements.


NSF International And The Motion R12  



R12 Tablet PC Part of Mobile Solution set to Boost Productivity


Motion Computing, a leading global provider of rugged mobile technology solutions, today announced that global public health and safety organisation NSF International, has equipped its European retail audit and food quality service team with the Motion R12 tablet PC.

NSF International delivers complete ‘farm to fork’ food health and fire safety audits and consultancy services to the retail food industry, spanning pubs and restaurants, hotels, leisure buildings and supermarkets. Implemented by Motion partner Camtech Systems, the R12 will help NSF improve customer service, enhance compliance and realise efficiencies throughout inspections in these settings.


Panasonic FZ G1 Aircraft




BAE Systems Adopt the new Panasonic FZ-G1 ToughPad


Engineers at BAE Systems have begun to use the excellent range of Panasonic ToughPad tablet PCs to offer a quicker, smarter and more intuitive way of servicing Typhoon jets, the world’s leading combat aircraft.

The engineers at its Lancashire base are using the new Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 MK3 tablet to complement the aircrafts’ onboard health management systems. Before and after every sortie, the aircraft performs its own ‘health check’ and presents a series of findings onto the Maintenance Data Panel, located on the side of the aircraft. Engineers analyse this information and conduct a series of checks, in parallel with the pilot’s pre-flight cockpit checks, to ensure the aircraft is safe and fit for flight.



Motion Xplore Technologies XSLATE B10



XPLORE XSLATE B10 Offers the Most Fully Featured Tablet PC

Xplore Technologies Corp. manufacturer of the world’s broadest range of high-quality rugged tablet computers, today launched the XSLATE B10, the industry’s most fully featured, fully rugged tablet computer to date. With a set of eight ports, four sealed from behind, and an IP65 rating, the B10 comes standard with the Intel Core i5 CPU or upgradeable to i7 vPro CPU to provide top speeds to process data. "The XSLATE B10 is the hardest worker yet. After spending a day on the job with the XSLATE B10, you’ll understand why this truly mobile, fully featured tablet PC sets a new standard in ruggedness and connectivity," said Mark Holleran, Xplore Technologies President and COO. "Built with unfailing protection in mind, it endures extreme work environments. At 10.1”, it’s compact, yet commanding in the field."




Panasonic E1 Front View Yellow Web



Panasonic Launches ATEX Certified ToughPad


Panasonic today announced ATEX certified versions of its leading fully rugged 5 inch Windows and Android handheld tablets designed to revolutionise productivity in potentially hazardous industries such as oil and gas, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The addition of these two specialist devices for hazardous work environments underlines Panasonic’s commitment to the handheld tablet market with its range of four different 5 inch tablets now available on two operating systems.


Panasonic Toughbook Toughpad Ideas For Life1

Meet the Panasonic Toughpad Range

Panasonic’s range of Toughpad Tablet Pcs help drive efficiency and productivity in ways which were never previously possible; capable of operating outdoors in a variety of extreme and remote environments. Our Panasonic Toughpad range includes a variety of models, all suitable to different industries and environment conditions. All Toughpad models are developed at the Panasonic factory responsible for the research, design and testing before being distributed to retailers.
The Toughpad is especially suitable for field application in markets such as aviation, construction, field sales and the public sector, due to their capability to perform under exposure to extreme and constantly changing environments. And the best of all – They’re built to last.


Ruggon Rugged Tablet Pc



RuggON PX:501 Overview - RuggON sets the benchmark in ruggedized products


RuggON is driven by the mission to continually deliver creative pioneering technologies that meet the demands to improve productivity in ruggedized environments.


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