Panasonic cf 33 Toughbook


Panasonic launch the new CF-33 Toughbook

Today Panasonic have announced a new Tablet hybrid Windows rugged mobile pc to their portfolio of Toughbooks. What’s new? Well, quite a bit.

Although the new CF-33 might just look like an upscaled CF-20 the new CF-33 has more than just bigger looks. The CF-33’s CPU is the latest mobile entry from Intel’s flagship mobile range, the new i5-7300U Kaby Lake is 2017’s top of the line processor and already proving to be one of the best from Intel.

To aid in keeping the specifications up Panasonic have introduced for the first time 16GB RAM option and both Multi-Touch and Digitizer as standard. The 12” display is cutting-edge with a maximum resolution of 2160x1440 (QHD) and an anti-reflective outdoor viewable layer to push the tablet beyond ambient light for maximum veiwability. The addition of an extra battery in the Tablet section give a total of 20 hours operating time and enables hot-swap for continuous 24/7 usage.

Panasonic are due to launch a tablet version and a Hybrid version later this year, the hybrid version of the CF-33 will feature a docking keyboard with industry standard I/O ports and a less expensive option of just the fully functional Tablet PC. This is ideal in all scenarios as without the keyboard option the price will be more competitive.

Not forgetting the new CF-33 from Panasonic has been granted the “Toughbook” badge, a statement which automatically ensures professional, protected hardware built at an exceptional standard to outlast the competition with IP65 Rating and drop test as standard.

We fully expect the new Panasonic CF-33 to launch towards the end of summer, if you would like more information then visit our product page or contact us. We will accept pre-order deposits to ensure you receive delivery from the first UK stock.


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