Xplore Technologies launch the new XSLATE R12


The Motion Computing R12 hands over its reign and receives a new update from its new owner Xplore Technologies. Now introduced into the XSLATE series of ruggedized tablet pcs, the rugged tablet R12 has received upgrades to its internal components and upgrades to its usability. The XSLATE series currently consist of the Xplore XSLATE B10 and the XSLATE D10, both ultra-rugged 10” Windows and Android tablet pcs. The new SLATE R12 will add the addition of a 12.5” rugged platform and offer sleek presentable visuals for demanding mission-critical professional that split their time between the field and the office.

The new XSLATE R12 has been thoroughly thought out, not only has the R12 been updated to include current leading 2016/2017 specifications it has been upgraded to be 100% compatible with all pre-existing accessories. This not only enables legacy owners to upgrade without having to re-spend on peripherals but also ensures new users have a complete range of accessories available at point of purchase. New accessories include true serial via the new expansion input port which also includes the ability to plug directly to a local network via an RJ45. This is a welcome upgrade and one we feel opens new doors to more sectors for the XSLATE, a minor improvement but a major addition to the feature set of the R12.

The R12 has previously been locked down in terms of user accessibility and after requests from military operations the R12 now features a user removable SSD. This gives the end user the option to keep sensitive data with them when needed. Other new features are a Kensington lock for added security and an increased display brightness to 800nits for super-bright outdoor viewability.


New "Kaby Lake" i7 from Intel - Ideal for Rugged Mobile Technology


Xslate R12 KOBY


The internal specifications have also been updated. Not only is the base specification now a 128GB SSD and 8GB of DDR4 RAM the Intel i7 CPU is the latest version dubbed the “Kaby Lake” This CPU offers improved performance and excellent low power usage. This is a welcome upgrade as the Motion R12 was lacking in terms of current generation mobile CPU performance but does come with a caveat – the initial launch of the XSLATE R12 will only feature the i7 CPU until the i5 version is released later this year plus the new “Kaby Lake” i7 is only Windows 10. This won’t be an issue for companies utilising the latest Windows 10 but any business looking to run Windows 7 Pro must wait until the i5 has been released shortly after the launch of the XSLATE R12 (Currently scheduled for mid December).

Typically, as with any XSLATE tablet from Xplore Technologies the R12 ships with the ability to offer protection for your investment. Not only does the R12 ship with a 3-year manufacturer warrant the tough tablet also has an optional accidental protection plan for 1-5 years.

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