Panasonic set to launch new rugged tablet for full Automotive (AMTS) Functionality


Designed by Panasonic Global Design Solutions whose remit was based on consultation with leading industry vehicle manufacturers, the AMTS is the first dedicated platform to be released by Panasonic that is specifically designed at the automotive business.

The AMTS features a unique design for easy operation and will sit comfortably on a vehicles steering wheel while the operator performs diagnostic checks. As vehicles become more engaged with technology the requirement for diagnostic equipment has become essential. With the ability to plug directly into the vehicles main processing unit the new Panasonic ATMS will give instant feedback with regards to the general operation status of the vehicle and tuning options. The Panasonic AMTS is built with connectivity requirements of the automotive manufacturers in mind with dual rugged connectors that allow USB communication plus protected ODB in-vehicle charging from a VCI device. This means that the solution is ergonomic for both left and right hand drive vehicles.


Panasonic AMTS 1 

To meet processing requirements for automotive testing the Panasonic AMTS is powered by the new Intel m5-Seiers CPU and intel HD graphics. It will ship out of the box with Windows 10 Pro and a 128GB SSD for fast access storage. For wireless communications the AMTS is equipped with Dual Band AC Wifi, Bluetooth, and has the capability of optional 4G connectivity for when outside of a wireless zone.

The Toughbook and Toughpad range of rugged technology are in a class of thier own, Panasonic have over 20 years of experience and with our dedicated support it's never been a better time to upgrade to the right solution.



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