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Welcome to Camtech Systems latest Rugged Hardware news. Bringing you all the latest UK product releases from our leading rugged manufacturers such as Panasonic and the Toughbook & Toughpad range, Xplore Technologies, GETAC, Durabook and more...



What’s on the horizon for early 2018.


Panasonic and Getac launch new products, plus the Camtech TuffLine is set for an update.




Camtech Introduce the Hammer Rugged Smartphone Range

Strength in numbers - Meet the new range of phones from Camtech Systems Designed to cover every environment and budget focused to provide a more cost-effective solution. The new Hammer range of Android rugged smartphone will give you more for less with fully fledged features built for connectivity, longevity, endurance and mobility.


Panasonic cf 33 Toughbook


Panasonic launch the new CF-33 Toughbook

Today Panasonic have announced a new Tablet hybrid Windows rugged mobile pc to their portfolio of Toughbooks. What’s new? Well, quite a bit.

Although the new CF-33 might just look like an upscaled CF-20 the new CF-33 has more than just bigger looks. The CF-33’s CPU is the latest mobile entry from Intel’s flagship mobile range, the new i5-7300U Kaby Lake is 2017’s top of the line processor and already proving to be one of the best from Intel.



Xplore Technologies launch the new XSLATE R12


The Motion Computing R12 hands over its reign and receives a new update from its new owner Xplore Technologies. Now introduced into the XSLATE series of ruggedized tablet pcs, the rugged tablet R12 has received upgrades to its internal components and upgrades to its usability. The XSLATE series currently consist of the Xplore XSLATE B10 and the XSLATE D10, both ultra-rugged 10” Windows and Android tablet pcs. The new SLATE R12 will add the addition of a 12.5” rugged platform and offer sleek presentable visuals for demanding mission-critical professional that split their time between the field and the office.

GETAC Thames Water V110


Thames Water Engineers adopt the new GETAC V110


Getac have partnered with Thames Water to deploy 480 GETAC V110 rugged convertible laptops for their workforce of engineers. The V110 is fully convertible so doubles up as a rugged laptop with full keyboard and touchpad functionality and a rugged tablet pc for working in the field via the touchscreen.



Panasonic set to launch new rugged tablet for full Automotive (AMTS) Functionality


Designed by Panasonic Global Design Solutions whose remit was based on consultation with leading industry vehicle manufacturers, the AMTS is the first dedicated platform to be released by Panasonic that is specifically designed at the automotive business.

Panasonic Toughbook Toughpad Ideas For Life1 

Toughbook’s legacy reaches 20 years!


The Toughbook ancestry stretches back almost 30 years to 1987 where Panasonic gained experience in producing portable PCs and acting as a channel OEM. The market highlighted very early the need for professional level, rugged computing devices with enhanced durability and reduced cost of ownership. This realisation led to Panasonic developing plans and ultimately building a purpose built factory in Kobe in Japan to produce the rugged notebooks.


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