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Durable Tablet PC, Laptop & Hybrid Hardware with Full Dedicated Support.


Our rugged Laptops and rugged Tablet PCs are designed to withstand the daily wear of the most demanding environments. All our range of new Tablet PCs and Rugged mobile devices ship with dedicated first-line hardware support, we take the worry out of implementing the latest in mobile technology.


Building on a foundation of award-winning technical expertise and decades of industry experience, our team makes it their business to understand your business. Through industry-leading Rugged Tablet PCs, tailored accessories, software and services – we deliver mobile technology solutions customised for your daily work-flow. 


Purposely built for vertical markets including field service, healthcare, utilities, construction, retail, public safety and first responders – our suite of mobile technology solutions improves worker productivity, data accuracy and security, while enabling real-time decision making at the point-of-service. Our customers report lower operational expenses, increased efficiency and enhanced customer service. Keep in touch and find out what's new in 2018.




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