Finance Options

Can you afford to delay? Now you don’t have to wait

Purchasing new equipment for your business is a substantial investment – and one that many companies put off as long as possible.

Buying equipment outright soaks up vital working capital or bank borrowings, severely restricting financial agility – and because it’s a bitter pill to swallow, it sometimes seems easier to ‘make do’.

Leasing with Camtech Systems provides a flexible and modern solution.

Simple to arrange and immensely cost-effective, it allows you to benefit from the equipment you need here and now by paying affordable rentals. That way you retain your capital and you keep your bank facilities in reserve for when there isn’t a realistic alternative.

Outdated or obsolete equipment will hold your company back – our finance options can be applied to literally any equipment you need over a £5000.00 spend. You can schedule your payments to suit your budget and you don’t even have to pay a deposit!


Typical example:

Finance on equipment with a value of £1000.00 and payback only £38.21 per month over a 3-Year Period (Optional 2-Year period).


Camtech Systems partner with System Rentals

Why Systems Rentals?

System Rentals have been at the forefront of equipment leasing since the mid 1980’s and are hugely flexible. Operating as a one-stop resource that answers all of your equipment and vehicle financing needs is a must and System Rentals tailor-made contracts provide a choice of term and payment frequency to suit your budget and the life of the product.

System Rentals can provide you with powerful finance options for every type of equipment, whether for the office, factory, warehouse or sales outlet, no matter how specialised. What’s more you can spread the cost of every part of the installation, including consultancy, training, software and peripherals resulting in one simple affordable payment that covers all.

Moreover, all System Rentals leasing solutions come backed with friendly and reliable service. The experienced System Rentals team will be able to suggest the best way to finance equipment bought through our trusted tablet pc partnership with Camtech Systems.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, advice on choosing a product and final costing.