When it comes to choosing a mobile device for inspection you have to take a number of things into consideration. Lightweight, compact and connected are all important features but changing the way you work is the best way to save both time and money. Typically when on site data is collected and then re-entered back at the office or even worse back at home.


This is where our selected range of Tablet PC show their true quality. With internal and external inspection ready tablets you can collect data, photo’s, signatures and send them directly back to the office or better still convert them on-site to PDF’s and send directly via email to your customer. Data inputting is simple too, if check boxes are used then finger input would be the preferred method of input but if you require a more accurate input the our range of Wacom enabled Tablet PC's are ideal. Wacom digitizer input is by far the best input method on the market. The digitizer pen literally replaces a standard desktop mouse but enables handwriting to text input for a natural method of data collection. Natural, effective, fast and easy...


With the latest in 4G LTE broadband tablet pc users can access updated manuals and datasheets can be downloaded to ensure current spec on items. This also adds the benefit of paper free operation both saving money and helping the environment at the same time. Parts can be ordered on site when needed to reduce time and invoices can be created instantly once jobs are complete.


External inspection will benefit from the semi-rugged devices as they are typically all weatherproof and have either standard or optional outdoor viewable displays. This is ideal when taking notes with the digitizer pen or taking photos with an integrated camera. No need to be concerned with battery life either, typically our tablet PCs will hold for a standard days work. If you need more hours in the day we have you covered with either additional hot-swap batteries or in-vehicle charging with speeds on a 1:4 ratio; charge your tablet pc while on your lunch break and have upto 4 hours additional charge for the afternoon.


We understand project deployment can be confusing when it comes to selecting the right device so we offer our full technical expertise to help you choose the right device for the right environment. Here's a selection of our recommended Windows based Inspection ready Tablet PCs.


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