Our range of award-winning Tablet PCs enable healthcare professionals in the UK to carry and access the full power of a thin and light networked computer instead of a cumbersome computer on wheels or bulky patient files - bringing up-to-the-minute patient information to the point of care.
Our Windows Tablets save time, reduce errors and ensure that the most up-to-date information stays at clinicians’ fingertips throughout all stages of the care delivery process. 

Other benefits include:

  • Increased clinician mobility and accessibility
  • Automation of key forms, processes and workflows
  • Greater access to data at the point of care
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts
  • Facilitation of real-time communications
  • Improvements in patient charge capture


Whether cruising the corridors of a large hospital or dashing between exam rooms, Tablet PCs quickly become invaluable clinical productivity tools for physicians. Access real-time patient data on the fly, update patient records as you go, and keep reference materials such as diagnostic aids and drug data at your fingertips throughout the day or night.


Tablets enable nurses to collect, maintain and retrieve comprehensive patient records easily and efficiently. In hospitals, tablets help nurses stay organized, collect vitals, automate medication distribution, and look up critical information at the point of care. In clinics, tablets provide anywhere-access to appointment and resource scheduling information, and also help ensure comprehensive and accurate patient data collection to assist with treatment. 
Tablet PCs help to improve productivity and quality of care across a variety of usage models, including:
  • Patient registration and medical history data collection
  • Appointment scheduling and resource planning
  • Billing capture and insurance claims processing
  • Clinical documentation, including nursing rounds
  • Chart retrieval, review and collaboration between clinicians
  • Collaboration and note taking during staff meetings
  • Medication administration and specimen collection management
  • Remote, computerized entry of pharmaceutical and lab work orders
  • Post-acute clinician mobility
  • Mobile image review and consultation
  • Patient education
  • Off-site patient visits, including home health
  • Clinical trials
  • Emergency Department (ED) automation
  • Emergency Medical Team (EMT) response units


We understand project deployment can be confusing when it comes to selecting the right device so we offer our full technical expertise to help you choose the right device for the right environment. Here's a selection of our recommended Windows based healthcare ready Tablet PCs.


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