Through planning, design, and build semi-rugged and fully rugged mobile hardware have a great number of advantages to ease the process of completion within construction. Data entry and retrieval must be simple so that the user can manipulate the device while simultaneously moving, observing events, studying materials, checking quality, or performing other tasks required. This in a rugged form is essential in today’s competitive construction market.
Site foreman’s responsibilities cover a wide variety of tasks such as:
  • Comparing planned to constructed conditions
  • Carrying out in-field quality inspections or snagging 
  • Capturing data about such defects and communicating it to the relevant sub-contractors.
  • Coordinating and scheduling events and material delivery.
  • Monitoring jobsite conditions and correcting safety deficiencies, improving efficiency, and ensuring quality.
  • Recording and documenting work progress, labor, inspections, compliance to specifications, etc.
  • Communicating direction to specialty contractors, laborers, suppliers, etc.
  • Clarifying plans and specifications, resolving differing conditions, adapting methods and materials to site-specific requirements.
All the above work can be a carried out with rugged mobile devices, which in this case is a Rugged Tablet PC - the right tool for the job.  Our range of semi-rugged and fully rugged devices are built to withstand accidental drops and more importantly all outside elements and particles. IP rating is an important factor when selecting the right device as all IP rated devices are designed to keep out liquid and particles such as concrete dust or dirt. This prevents build-up of particles which can cause overheating and downtime.


Featuring the latest in 4G LTE Connectivity, GPS for accurate location, integrated bar code scanners, built in cameras and all day battery life cycles our range of durable Tablet PC’s are the best choice on the market. Rugged Tablet PC mobility and on-site management form the perfect foundation to streamline tasks in construction.


We understand project deployment can be daunting when it comes to selecting the right device so we offer our full technical expertise to help you choose the right device for the right environment. Here’s a selection of our recommended Windows Tablet PCs designed with Construction in mind:


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