Looking towards the future with an optimise farm-to-fork supply chain.


In the next 50 years farmers will have to produce more food to feed the worlds growing population than they have done in the previous 10,000 Years! With growth that large it makes sense to optimise production today by introducing the latest technology systems. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology can assist with the production of more food while simultaneously utilising less land, water and energy.

Our Tablet PCs with integrated GPS solutions give farmers better control over M2M guidance systems which assist with planting, help save time and reduces total costs by maximising useable acreage. The same systems can be used to monitor soil irrigation and distribute water efficiently which also increases crop production.

Real-time views into fleets and assets help reduce costs through proactive vehicle maintenance, better fuel usage and the ability to view your fleet from off-site locations.


With M2M farmers can MANAGE

Fleet management, asset-tracking and M2M irrigation solutions give farmers the visibility they need to help tend crops with better efficiency and fewer resources.

·         View location and performance information on all vehicles to help save time and costs by increasing utilization.

·         Remotely track, monitor and manage fixed and mobile assets to improve real-time decision making.

·         Water and fertilize with variable rate application, maximizing resources and minimizing nutrient runoff.


With M2M farmers can HARVEST

Technology has fundamentally changed the way crops are harvested. With M2M and cloud technology, farmers can immediately view, map and record crop yield. And as a result, productivity is booming. Fleet management and telemetry solutions offer:

·         One central location for viewing key information, which impacts harvesting operations from a dashboard, using any mobile device.

·         Information on fleet logistics, weather, irrigation systems, scouting maps and field boundaries.


With M2M farmers can STORE

Using wired and wireless sensors, tank and bin monitoring solutions connect farmers to their assets so they can reduce loss and better manage inventory through remotely monitoring things like humidity, temperature, water usage and feed and gas levels. These advanced cloud services and M2M technology include:

·         Alarm systems remotely monitor tank levels, sending alerts about problematic conditions.

·         Feed monitoring systems report bin or tank levels, allowing farmers to prevent overflow or shortage of products and monitor the eating behaviour of livestock.

·         Temperature monitoring reports changing temperatures and is easily accessed remotely.

·         Chemical storage tank monitoring automatically measures and communicates tank levels.


With M2M farmers can DISTRIBUTE

Effective logistics and fleet operations make sure products are delivered to the right place in the right condition, which also helps co-ops distribute, track and monitor shared assets.

GPS Tracking can localise fleet management to a single office giving:

·         The precise location of all fleet vehicles by using fleet management tools.

·         Vehicle data on stops, waiting times and routes to ensure on-time service.

·         Vehicle diagnostics to inform better decisions and better fleet utilization.




We understand project deployment can be daunting when it comes to selecting the right device so we offer our full technical expertise to help you choose the right device for the right environment. Here’s a selection of our recommended systems for agriculture:


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