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GETAC Ambulance

Scottish Ambulance Service to use GETAC T800 Rugged Windows Tablet for Emergency Operations

The Scottish Ambulance Service have secured a deal to equip 600 emergency vehicles with the new Getac T800 fully rugged thin and light Windows 8.1 tablets.
Each ambulance will be equipped with two tablets - one for use in the front of the vehicle for mobilisation and routing, and the other positioned in the rear of the vehicle, but remaining portable to be used as a method of recording Electronic Patient Report Forms. Paramedics benefit from high-speed processing power and an 8.1” display for accessing critical patient information, while also providing full ruggedisation designed for critical field performance, ensuring focus on patient care.

Utilities Tablet Pc  

Protecting Utilities’ Infrastructure Assets with the Right Mobile Assets


Right now, utilities are facing more pressure than ever to design, develop, maintain and repair widespread assets that keep our water running, our power on and our devices online – and in expedited timeframes no less. That means that your workers must be able to remain online at all times themselves. The only true way to make that happen is by choosing – and committing long-term – to a mobile tablet PC that delivers non-negotiable rugged performance standards, powerful processing and expansion capabilities that match the growth rate of your business.

Inventory Management  

Who do we supply our Business Tablet PC’s too? And who benefits?



We’re often asked who we supply to at Camtech Systems and our answer is always the same – Wherever our business Tablet PC technology is a true benefit to an organisation. 

This will be a series of short blogs dedicated to industries we have supplied to in the past. Without mentioning any specific companies we believe our past sales experience can assist with companies who are looking to introduce a more streamlined, efficient and cost effective operation. 

Motion Cl920 Rugged Tablet PC  



The Main Differences between a True Business Type Tablet PC and a Consumer Mobile Tablet


The 2013 forecast from research company IDC showed that manufacturing of personal computers will fall by 9.7 percent in 2014 and will continue to decrease in consumer patronage until 2017 due to the massive adoption of Tablet PC devices. 

Today’s latest gadgets come in various operating systems (iOS, Android, and full-fledged Windows 8 OS), powerful processors similar to that of desktop PCs, 4G LTE, ergonomic designs brought about by compact 7-inch to 12.5-inch form factor, and hardware peripherals such as Bluetooth keyboards, carry solutions and digitizer stylus pen to boost productivity. 

Panasonic FZE1 2


Do you Need to Replace Your Current POS Platform to Perform in Today's Mobile Era?


There’s no question that today’s retailers are embracing mobility to enhance existing workflows and to add new workflows. The question is: what is the best way to go mobile? Add on to existing systems or replace them entirely?

We believe that the easiest and smartest way to add mobility is to “mobilize” your current retail software. These counter-based systems have been turned over many years for very high reliability, a full suite of capabilities, and deep integration into a retailer’s inventory and Retail information systems. Data security within the PCI Guidelines has also been achieved and built into the retailer’s security processes and confirmed by successful audits. Making the current system mobile, and thus retaining all of these capabilities, is easiest done by using mobile PC devices that run your current operating system.

 Motion Computing UK 



3 Tips on Selecting a Mobile Solution for Emergency Response Services


As a retired police officer, I understand the importance of a reliable, effective mobile solution for emergency response. There are some important choices to be made when selecting a mobile solution, such as choosing the right Tablet PC device, communication strategy, and applications. Making a mistake in any of these three key areas can seriously reduce your chances of success.


Windows 8 Professional Tablet PC 

Windows Tablet PCs


Here at Camtech Systems we are finding more and more business users are turning towards Windows 8 Professional now the initial launch (which was aimed more towards social networking) has settled down and users are finding themselves more at home with the change in format.