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Meet Our New TuffLine Rugged Tablet

There are many businesses out there which rely on our fully rugged tablets, for them, a consumer grade device is simply not appropriate. Yet, the cost of some rugged devices simply outweighs the benefits of its durability. What if we told you that there was a tablet which was low cost and rugged? Then what if we told you that we’ll replace any accidentally damaged units free of charge?

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Introducing the new Camtech TuffLine. This tablet has been designed from the outset by us as a complete low cost solution for your mobile workforce, incorporating versatile hardware for everyday business use. A robust carry solution with our no hassle accidental damage cover as standard, to ensure your business keeps going regardless of any drops, bumps and breaks. Simply send us the broken unit and we’ll replace it.

Our aim is to meet minimum specifications for single app based scenarios without hampering productivity and without unnecessary higher costs like more expensive high-end technology. Typically, hardware costs are associated with dedicated features like: 4G, GPS, Barcode scanners, high end CPU’s and digitizer pen input. These are not necessarily bad upgrades if required daily, if not however, then value for money does come into question. We have brought together a desirable package with enough functionality to be ideal for a vast number of deployment scenarios where cost and reliability are key factors.


Durability is always a concern with mobile technology, we normally recommend a semi-rugged or fully rugged mobile solution depending where you intend to use your mobile hardware. We’ve built the TuffLine to deal with a wide range of environments where a fully rugged solution is simply not needed. Plus, with its fan-less design, the TuffLine is ready to operate in areas which would typically render fan design units useless after a short period. It does however, mean you will have less failures in a typical warehouse or manufacturing environment than a device with internal moving parts.

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Specification wise, a product with old or cheap hardware struggles to keep up with just running the latest operating system and leave not nothing left for applications. That’s why the TuffLine includes at a minimum an Intel Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, adequate storage options with the ability for expansion and wireless communications for remote functionality.

What happens when things go wrong? The TuffLine has you covered. Manufacturer warranty covers against manufacturer defects on all products, but what’s not covered is accidental user damage. It’s never anyone’s intension to cause damage, but if it does happen then we have you covered. In the event of a claim we will replace or repair your TuffLine. As the TuffLine will be a next day delivery stock item this will be a swift replacement, ensuring downtime is minimised.


Mounting solutions, accessories, unique company branding, a 24 hour replacement service, additional warranties and software installation services are all additional services and features on our new TuffLine solution making it one of the most affordable and adaptable solutions on the market today. Even better, friendly support from us will ensure quick and easy deployment, giving you a straight forward rugged tablet pc solution with no hidden costs.

The new TuffLine will be available on next day delivery from the 8th of Feb. Visit our product page here and contact us today to find out more on our new TuffLine mobile solution