Windows 7


We Still Supply Windows 7 Rugged Tablets and Laptops


Microsoft’s Windows operating system: love it or hate it, it’s very likely that your business relies on it for its IT infrastructure. It’s versatility to adapt to almost any IT infrastructure setup has been the core reason for its success with businesses across the world. In July 2015 Microsoft released their latest creation, Windows 10, onto the market. Whilst this new operating system has offered big leaps forward in usability and features, it has lead to some very big headaches for big businesses.

Right from the launch date Microsoft has been pushing users of every previous version of Windows to upgrade to their latest version. Offering - and in some cases forcing - free upgrades to their Windows 10 software. They want as many people as possible to be using the latest version because it means they can offer a better level of support to their customers. However, it’s not quite that easy for all organisations. Some organisations such as local authorities; the health sector; or just large businesses are heavily entrenched in Windows 7. For these businesses it is not possible to simply upgrade to Windows 10, doing so would render a lot of their systems and software useless and bring them to their knees.


Windows 7 still Professional

All is not lost yet, as Microsoft will still continue to provide Windows 7 critical software updates until January 2020, so security and stability will be assured. However, moving forward there will be an issue when Windows 7 organisations come to purchase new, additional or replacement devices. You see, all official Microsoft suppliers must now only supply Windows 10 devices; they can no longer sell Windows 7 devices.

Luckily for you help is at hand: although manufactures are duty bound to adhere to the Microsoft ruling on new devices, the distribution and reseller network are not. Here at Camtech Systems we can take any of our rugged Windows 10 devices and reinstall Windows 7. This ensures that you not only get a brilliant new rugged device, but one that works perfectly with all of your current IT infrastructure and software. Even though Microsoft only stopped their suppliers selling Windows 7 devices very recently, we’ve already received many enquires from frustrated businesses which are in desperate need for Windows 7 rugged laptops and tablets.

If you’re a business which uses Windows 7 for your IT infrastructure and you’re in need of a rugged device then get in touch with us. We work with the industry leading manufacturers of rugged devices and can roll back any Windows 10 device to your much loved Windows 7 operating system. With updating to Windows 10 a costly and time consuming project, we have no doubt that there are many businesses out there that will be relying on Windows 7 for a long while yet. So, for the foreseeable future our range of rugged tablets, laptops and hybrid systems will be available with the ever reliable Windows 7. This includes our Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad range & the Xplore technologies range.