Performance Anywhere - Powerful is Productive


The majority of new mobile rugged tablet pcs now surpass the average office desktop pc in terms of performance. Mobile technology has come a long way over the last few years with the introduction of dedicated mobile ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPU’s from leading manufacturers such as Intel. Intel work very closely with our tablet pc manufacturers to ensure all current tablet computers make the most from their range of high-end and low power consumption CPUs. Working together to maximise performance without the sacrifice of battery life gives us the ability to have up to 30 hours on a single charge as seen on the new B300 rugged laptop from GETAC. The full range of CPU’s from Intel cater for your application as the best battery saver, the i3, is ideal when applications requires a longer battery cycle and the i7 is there for the more power hungry application such as mapping and CAD.

CPU is not the only feature which dictates fast, responsive tablet pc performance, graphic options such as the Intel 515 seen on the new Panasonic CF-20, and RAM speed play their part. Once configured for your application our new range of mobile devices will outperform system OS requirements and leave enough in the tank for multiple applications, all delivered as intended with a smooth operating experience.

It’s important to buy for the future too, so a few upgrades on specification at point of purchase will reap rewards in the years to come. The inevitable amount of new software installations and the “ahh this will also work on my tablet!” discoveries will eventually push any system to the limit. So best to be pre-warned, although some units can be upgraded after point of purchase the majority of consumer type devices will not be able to be upgraded due to the nature of one-off mass production build which leave you with no choice but to purchase a new system. Our range of rugged tablets and rugged laptops are upgradable after purchase either by our trained technicians or by manufacturer. Cheap is never best and can be an indication of a false economy if you are replacing hardware every year, here at Camtech we only choose the best on market hardware designed to last 5+ years.


Never be "Out of Office"


All Windows based tablet pcs have the ability to be both your main office pc and your mobile office pc. Equip your office desk with a docking station and once docked your mobile tablet pc will act like any other desktop pc. Just add a mouse, keyboard and an external monitor or two (depending on the docking station type) and you have complete instant access to every office component. All our devices will run every office application from Microsoft so no need to worry when it comes to setting things up in the office. Even if you opt for the latest version of Office 2016 on your new device backwards compatibility capabilities are resident and MS Office will take care of your documents and presentations.

Desk Docking Station Solutions

Complete office solution, Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse with 2 x External Monitors


The ability to have everything set-up in the office is great and as the device is a mobile device then it will charge in the docking station and be always ready for instant deployment for when you have to leave, simply undock the tablet and walk away. While on the move you can pick-up/receive emails on-the-go and if on any mobile network you can receive up-to-date job sheets (or send them) without the need to visit the office again.

This and our durability is why our tablet pcs have become a staple in mobile computing. The encumbrance of a physical keyboard has been replaced with fully workable onscreen solutions when out an about and can be equipped with any USB/Bluetooth type keyboard for when your back at your workstation.

For further information on any of the above topics then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are here to recommend the best mobile solution for your individual needs. We understand every application is different and that’s why we have a vast range of handpicked devices ready to aid you and your team in the day to day running of your business. We stock Panasonic ToughBook and Toughpad alongside with the most rugged tablets on the market with Xplore Technoloies range of tough tablets.