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Top Ten Things To Consider When Choosing a Tablet PC


Ever wondered what the main considerations are when choosing your Rugged Tablet PC? Well look no further as we have done the work for you, click thorugh to view our top ten guide.



1/ Will this tablet perform the task in question?

Depending upon what you want it to do, or indeed what software you intend to run, it’s a good idea to check the minimum specs required by the software vendor. This will indicate the preferred processor and required RAM to run the application.




2/ What size screen do I need?

It may sound obvious but screen size is important, and will depend upon the nature of the tasks to be performed. Deciding how much screen real estate is vital. 10” Inch displays are very popular as they combine an adequate screen size with a usable form factor.


La12 07 680x374


3/ How durable does it need to be?

Will the device be used outside in all weathers?  If so, check the Ingress Protection and durability rating before you decide. Generally IP54 will be adequate protection for light rain. Most of our rugged devices are MIL-STD-810.


Panasonic Toughbook CF 20 P06


4/ Connectivity

Most durable tablets and laptops come with some form of I/O however that may only be one USB port. Check if you will need additional ports such as Serial or Ethernet and choose your tablet accordingly. Most devices have Wi-Fi & Bluetooth as standard which may negate additional I/O.


Motion R12 Input


5/ Choosing your preferred input method

There are three main ways to input on tablets and laptops, Finger or stylus touch, Digitizer pen input and the traditional keyboard and trackpad. If the application will require signature capture, detailed input or accept drawing on the screen, then digitizer will be important. Other applications may require touch input combined with a detachable keyboard for use with heavy text input.




6/ Internet access in the field

Mobile Broadband (WWAN) will allow you to connect to the internet without the need for a Wi-Fi zone. It works by inserting a data sim into a preparatory slot in the tablet. It will allow access at all times (assuming there is mobile phone coverage).




7/ Do we require GPS?  (GNSS / GLONASS)

If you need your tablet for navigation or to plot your whereabouts then you will need a dedicated GNSS or GLONASS global positioning system. Modern GPS modules produce high resolution accuracy which can be used for a number of applications including navigation and geotagging. Most 4G broadband cards have GPS built into them; however for improved performance and accuracy, the dedicated GPS module would be the better option.




8/ Battery life

Computer processors are becoming increasingly more efficient and will power a tablet for typical days use. However, you will need to consider the length of your working day and if the battery will need topping up. Various options are available, from hot-swap technology to vehicle chargers.  Spare batteries can also be charged separately from the unit too.


Xplore Ix104c6 Sunlight Angle


9/ Sunlight Readability

How much time will be spent outside while using the tablet? It may be worth investing the extra cost for sunlight readable or outdoor display. If you spend more than half the working day outside then an outdoor sunlight readable display will be a must have.


Motion R12 Accessories 410



10/ Peripheral additions

The platform you decide upon should have a solid product cycle, supported by a vast range of peripherals that suit your needs such as Docking & mounting solutions, vehicle and battery chargers, carry solutions as well as replacement pens and batteries. Most of our range also supports integrated options such as barcode and RFID readers, along with cameras and smart card readers.


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