ATEX Rated Tablet PCs and Deployment Environments


Today’s rugged tablets are used in many different industries and workflows around the world. And though manufacturers each try to develop a mobile computing solution that best accommodates their wide range of customers, our customers – and their field service technicians – have made it very clear that not every mobile worker has the exact same needs. That includes workers that could potentially spend their days a few feet away from each other the same industry.

That’s because, even across the most industrial sectors, there are inherently different levels of risk involved in each worker’s technology use. In fact, one far-reaching segment of our global market has a specific and critical requirement that can’t be addressed by most mobile technologies: The need for a rugged tablet PC that can be safely operated in hazardous locations.

The safety of oil, gas and mining workers goes beyond training and skill. It includes their equipment as well. Electronic devices – if not properly designed, tested and certified – could inadvertently cause an explosion from a simple spark, flammable gas, or a high heat source.

Natural resource operations all have locations susceptible to these daily risks, as do some workshops where fine dust particles are commonly present, like woodworking operations. But none of them can afford to forgo the benefits of mobile workflows over paper-based processes. Therefore, they all demand mobile computing technologies such as tablet PCs that are both rugged and safe while used in potentially explosive environments.

So before you go too far in your mobile device selection, make sure the manufacturer can present you with a C1D2 certification or ATEX Declaration of Conformity for your preferred rugged mobile computing platform. Be safe in the knowledge our full range of ATEX RATED rugged devices have all the appropriate certifications, as you'd expect from Camtech Systems.