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Meet Our New TuffLine Rugged Tablet

There are many businesses out there which rely on our fully rugged tablets, for them, a consumer grade device is simply not appropriate. Yet, the cost of some rugged devices simply outweighs the benefits of its durability. What if we told you that there was a tablet which was low cost and rugged? Then what if we told you that we’ll replace any accidentally damaged units free of charge?

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Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Turn to Toughpad for Reliability and Effective Response

Learn how our introduction of rugged mobile technology has improved emergency response times for Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue and why rugged hardware is assisting in saving lives. The CF-D1 Panasonic Toughbook has been designed to put lifesaving information at an officer’s fingertips for when the going gets tough.


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Myths about rugged devices


There are many misconceptions when it comes to rugged mobile technology. Below we have addressed the most common misconceptions to give you a better idea of what rugged devices are all about. This will help you to make the right choice when equipping yourself or your workforce with mobile technology.

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Hands On with the new Crosscall Trekker X2 Rugged Smartphone


After losing not one but two! regular mobile phones on the same day due to water damage (including one very popular consumer device which claimed to be IP57 water resistant) I was given the opportunity to test the new rugged Crosscall Trekker X2 smartphone for a week as my main phone (does every cloud has a silver lining?).

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We Still Supply Windows 7 Rugged Tablets and Laptops


Microsoft’s Windows operating system: love it or hate it, it’s very likely that your business relies on it for its IT infrastructure. It’s versatility to adapt to almost any IT infrastructure setup has been the core reason for its success with businesses across the world. In July 2015 Microsoft released their latest creation, Windows 10, onto the market. Whilst this new operating system has offered big leaps forward in usability and features, it has lead to some very big headaches for big businesses.

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Which is Better - Consumer-Focused Devices or Rugged Ones?


In recent years, the trend towards digitisation in the field services has been exponential. The benefits are well documented and include: more efficient processes, greater customer service and cost savings. But which is the best tool for a field service worker - a consumer device or a rugged one? In order to find out the definitive answer, we have taken the findings of a comprehensive survey done early this year by rugged technology expert ‘Xplore Technologies’ and identified: what devices companies are buying; the reasons for their choices; and which type of device is best for a field service provider.


Performance Anywhere - Powerful is Productive


The majority of new mobile rugged tablet pcs now surpass the average office desktop pc in terms of performance. Mobile technology has come a long way over the last few years with the introduction of dedicated mobile ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPU’s from leading manufacturers such as Intel. Intel work very closely with our tablet pc manufacturers to ensure all current tablet computers make the most from their range of high-end and low power consumption CPUs. Working together to maximise performance without the sacrifice of battery life gives us the ability to have up to 30 hours on a single charge as seen on the new B300 rugged laptop from GETAC. The full range of CPU’s from Intel cater for your application as the best battery saver, the i3, is ideal when applications requires a longer battery cycle and the i7 is there for the more power hungry application such as mapping and CAD.

Panasonic FZ G1 Top Things

Top Ten Things To Consider When Choosing a Tablet PC


Ever wondered what the main considerations are when choosing your Rugged Tablet PC? Well look no further as we have done the work for you, click thorugh to view our top ten guide.


ATEX Rated Tablet PCs and Deployment Environments


Today’s rugged tablets are used in many different industries and workflows around the world. And though manufacturers each try to develop a mobile computing solution that best accommodates their wide range of customers, our customers – and their field service technicians – have made it very clear that not every mobile worker has the exact same needs. That includes workers that could potentially spend their days a few feet away from each other the same industry.

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Paper can’t keep pace with Tablet PCs when it comes to piece picking and packing.


Piece Picking & Packing - Say that ten times fast (if you can), then let’s look at why this tongue twister is actually becoming very true, very fast, in warehouses worldwide.
Anyone involved in order fulfilment operations will probably nod their heads when I say that paper piece picking and packing systems are not only speed-averse and prone to frequent error, but a downright risky choice now that mobile technology has made its way to the warehouse aisles - and can expediently deliver real-time inventory and order data to work carts.