Barcode Verification





Camtech Systems have introduced a range of verification equipment to assist in barcode reading accuracy. With our range of selected systems we can save on redundancy costs by upgrading your existing set-ups and minimising errors. From planning and installation of new bespoke systems, hardware sales, support and recommendations, Camtech Systems are here to assist you with introducing verification systems to you existing or new set-up.


What is a Barcode Verifier?


Barcode’s are resident on all products as a unique identifier this data ensures automation is possible but miss-read rates can be very costly. Barcode verification grades the quality of a barcode according to established standards and precision verifier instruments enable the verification process. Barcode verifiers grade both 1D and 2D barcodes according to quality parameters defined by industry standards. With the standard pre-determined the verification system will check at speed the product is on the right track.


Meet the CS-V1 from Camtech Systems. All you need for Barcode Verification.




CS-V1 Verifier



Key Features:

  • Match Barcode verification
  • Visual & Audiable Notificaiton on no-Match
  • Handheld for accuracy
  • 1D/2D Barcode Reads
  • Full Shift Battery
  • Android 9.0
  • Compare 1 barcode to 1 barcode,
    or 1 barcode to multiple barcodes
  • Perfect for packing orders or quality control
  • Low cost solution